Rashists in Vorzel organized a support camp for further offensive on Bucha, Irpin and Kyiv (+ photo, video)

As if in a horror movie, the residents of the village of Vorzel met the occupation of the BOTG territory by Russian troops. At the end of February, after active hostilities for the capture of the Gostomel airfield, the Russian military tried to break through the streets of Yablunsk and others to Buchi in a few hours. Active hostilities near the New Highway in Bucha claimed the lives of hundreds of civilians and soldiers of the TRO and ZSU. Chechens and Buryats attacked, accompanied by armored personnel carriers and BMPs, whose characteristic features were extreme cruelty and aggressiveness towards the civilian population. Many young men were taken and tortured in cellars. At the end of February, the inhabitants of the village of Vorzel watched with horror the arrival of tanks and infantry of the occupying forces. From Buchi, the special forces rushed near the Forest Lent residential complex in a few hours, made a breakthrough and seized the strategically important Warsaw highway, near which a Russian military camp controlled by snipers was located near the Kicheiv cemetery. They shot anyone who approached him or happened to be in that area.

The first victims of the shooting were peaceful residents of the village who tried to escape from a violent death. The occupiers there killed at least six civilians and shot a car that was trying to evacuate on the Warsaw Highway.

On March 6, under the control of the Red Cross, the evacuation of residents of the villages of Vorzel, Mykhailivka-Rubezhivka, Borodyanka and Mykulychi was organized. Columns of cars left the villages en masse with the hope of escaping the encirclement of the Rashists. But, unfortunately, most of the elderly and lonely people were left alone behind enemy lines. The total number of residents in the village during the occupation of the Russian Federation was 3,000 people. The people of Vorzel were hiding in basements without the possibility of providing water, food and medicine.

Unfortunately, the hospital stopped functioning at the beginning of March, many doctors left the village. People stood en masse in pharmacies with the hope of getting medicine, in a panic they begged to provide at least some medicine.

The local boys who remained organized a local TRO, for 5 days they tried to get weapons from the Military Commissariat and begged high officials to provide them with weapons to protect their families. But, unfortunately, they did not wait for the weapons from the local authorities. Some men were forced to walk to Kyiv to receive military support to save their families.

At the end of February, a column of heavy artillery, BMPs and tanks consisting of more than 200 pieces of equipment entered Vorzel along Klenova and Lisova Streets to Kicheev and completely occupied the territory of the village. Rashists organized four roadblocks located along the perimeter of the central streets: Molodizhna Lisova, Pshenichnoy, and Sosnova. Document checks of the civilian population and the search for nationalists and TRO fighters have begun.

In a few days, the light, mobile communication and Internet disappeared. Due to the order of the leadership of the occupiers, the communication of Ukrainian mobile operators was interrupted and the towers were destroyed in order to block the calls of the civilian population. From 6 o’clock in the morning, columns of tanks left through Klenova and Lisova streets to carry out an offensive on Bucha and Irpin. Residents of the village of Vorzel watched the departure of the occupying column consisting of more than 100 tanks, which was heading to the town of Bucha with the aim of capturing it. From five o’clock in the morning, the invaders’ artillery shelled Irpin and Bucha. The Rashists also used aviation to bombard these cities.

Near the cemetery in the village of Vorzel, Russian mercenaries organized a military camp with trenches, a field kitchen, showers, and even a sauna, where the occupiers lived for more than a month. Given the fairly quick capture of the village, it is possible to conclude that the occupiers expected to stay in the resort town for a long time with future plans for a change of power.  The invaders began to seize the houses of the residents of the village and organize the registration of people. The medical hospital was organized on the basis of the Kicheiv psychoneurological hospital, which the Russians used to provide emergency medical care to their wounded. Every day, several helicopters delivered medicines and military equipment.

Volunteers of the village of Vorzel organized a volunteer headquarters for the elderly, singles and young families on the basis of the Evangelical Church of the village of Vorzel. 20 volunteers from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. provided medical and other assistance to people. In general, the oldest grandmother in the church was 93 years old, and a one-year-old boy. They, together with everyone, escaped from the war for a month. At that time, we were all united by one goal – to save each other, to protect our loved ones and relatives from being shot, to protect us from fire and projectiles. Thanks to the big hearts of the volunteers, we were able to endure this difficult struggle against a strong enemy, who very much wanted to establish “manual rule” on our land this spring. But, thanks to the courage and resilience of the Patriots of Ukraine, these plans-intentions were not destined to come true!

Julia Polyanska

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